Choose the Visa Classic card for convenience, reliability, and worldwide acceptance.

These days, you need a payment card for everything from renting a car to buying textbooks and airline tickets online.

The Visa Classic card is an ideal first card because of its simplicity, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. Whether you’re a student, a young couple, or someone trying to establish credit, apply now for the convenience of owning a Visa card.

Get a Classic Card

• Classic cards – affordable cards. High level of security, convenient for shopping in stores and on the Internet.
• Card type: Visa Classic.
• Technological features: 3D Secure technology. Сontactless payments (payWave)
Google Pay / Apple Pay / Samsung Pay.
• Bonuses: Bonus program “Thank you from IDG CYPRUS BANK”.
• Thank you bonuses are awarded for every full € 100 purchases. Depending on the level of privileges, clients can receive more
• Bonuses and exchange them for euro: 0.5% for purchases with the card (at the “Thank you” level and above)
up to 30% bonuses for purchases in stores and on partner websites
additional bonuses “Thank you” depending on the level of privileges in the program.
• In partner stores of the program.
• Bonuses are valid for 2 yrs  the date of accrual.

• Using your own funds: possibly
• Release and annual maintenance: 0 €

• Cash withdrawal from bank ATMs: 3% of the amount
• Cash withdrawal from ATMs of other banks: 4% of the amount
• Operation limits cash withdrawal: up to 150,000 € per day
• Additional Information:

• skip payment fee – 36% per annum
• SMS informing – free
• Date of update: 11.06.2021 13:54

The specified conditions and rates apply to the head office of the bank or the central representative office of the bank in the region. Information about specific divisions of the bank, in which the possibility of providing this product is realized, can be obtained from the offices of the bank or by calling its help desk.